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iCamp for Israel Education

Join the most dynamic network of Jewish educators, thought leaders and stakeholders from across North America and Israel to inspire new ideas and groundbreaking paradigms in Israel education.

iCamp 2015, the iCenter's biennial convening, provides an extraordinary opportunity for educators and leaders in all arenas of Jewish education – day schools, synagogues, summer camps, youth organizations, academic and communal institutions – to:

  • Explore the most sophisticated educational thinking from general and Jewish education.
  • Engage with the newest tools and frameworks designed to integrate Israel into Jewish learning and experiences.
  • Study with leading scholars on themes and values core to our collective work.
  • Cross-pollinate ideas within a diverse network of practitioners and leaders.
  • Immerse yourself in the revised “Aleph Bet of Israel Education,” the foundational and ongoing work in establishing standards of excellence for the field.

Come experience the dynamic culture of Israel education, its people, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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