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Mah Chadash? Week of February 16, 2012

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 This week’s Israel watch has brought us stories about award-winning museums, 18-year old whiz kids, a debut Israel news website, and the son of an American sports star playing in Jerusalem.

Architecture Watch

Thanks to Omanoot for the head’s up that Tel Aviv Museum of Art won the 2012 Design Award for “Best Museum” from Travel + Leisure. The magazine said the following of the new Herta & Paul Amir Building: “In contrast to many dramatically shaped new art museums, it succeeds in being at once breathtaking and deferential to the art on display.”

Interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Check out the these photos from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s website, as well as this profile in the online magazine Dezeen.


Teen Whiz

Israel 21C has a fascinating profile of Ben Lang, an 18-year-old tech whiz and social entrepreneur. Born in Haifa, Lang was raised in New York but moved back to Israel with his family in September to work in Tel Aviv. Lang is the co-founder, along with young Israeli entrepreneur Nir Kouris, of Innovation Israel, a community for startups, entrepreneurs and investors.



New Israeli News Website Launches

The Times of Israel debuted this week with an impressive selection of news stories, feature articles and blog posts, focusing on stories about Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world. In addition to original reporting, the site also includes articles found elsewhere on the web, and roundups of pieces in the Israeli media and Arab media.

David Horovitz, the former editor of the Jerusalem Post and the Jerusalem Report, launched the new site with strong words about his vision:

I happen to think that we Jews, in this one country where we’re a majority, can be our own worst enemies – spectacularly intolerant of one another, in ways we would never tolerate in Jewish communities overseas. We doomed our two previous attempts at sovereignty millennia ago, through internal hatreds; we’ve murdered our own prime minister this time; we suffer streams of Judaism furiously at odds with each other. We argue bitterly, incessantly, over the best means to safeguard the well-being of the Jewish state and the Jewish nation worldwide.

Fair-minded journalism, based in Israel, and read both here in Israel and among those who care for the Jewish nation around the world, has a vital, even noble role to play in enabling informed debate over the challenges and the choices that face the Jewish state. Informing that debate is one of the prime goals of The Times of Israel.

Read more here. 


Darryl Strawberry’s Son Playing for Jerusalem

From the pages of the new Times of Israel is a profile of D.J. Strawberry, the son of baseball giant Darryl Strawberry, who is now playing for Hapoel Jerusalem’s basketball team. While Strawberry intends on making it back to the U.S., according to the article, he “likes the Israeli scene, whether he’s going out at night in Tel Aviv or sightseeing in Jerusalem’s Old City.”

And yes, his father will be coming to visit him in Israel.

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