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"The Man Who Taught Me To Fly" Video and Educator's Guide

"The Man Who Taught Me To Fly" is the latest in the iMMERSE series, a joint production of the iCenter and ISRAEL21c, creating educational resources from inspiring stories in contemporary Israel.

Click below to download the sections of the educator's guide that accompany this video. The complete PDF is also available for download.

Introduction and Table of Contents

Spreading His Wings: Making a Passion Into a Vocation

Birds of a Feather: Birds Eye View of Jewish Tradition

What’s Jewish About Birds? Lesson for Older Students

The Eagle (Hoopoe) Has Landed: Choosing a National Bird

The Early Bird Catches the Worm: Birds and the Environment

It's a Bird, It's a Plane... Creating a Safer Sky

Hands On Learning

Additional Resources

 The Complete Guide

Wanna see an adorable video of kids reacting to "The Man Who Taught Me To Fly"? Click here!

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