iCON: Where Israel and Education Meet

The next biennial gathering will be in 2020. Join us for three inspiring days and nights of learning, growing, and co-creating with hundreds of dynamic Jewish educators, thought leaders, and stakeholders from across North America and Israel.

SONG: Neta Barzilai, Israel's Eurovision 2018 Winner, "Can't Hold Us"


The experience was hitting the “Refresh” button, getting re-infused with the big ideas of the field, and gaining assurances that we can always grow as professionals ourselves and deepen our own self awareness and excitement for our (often tireless and thankless) work.
- Diane Halivni
The Aleph Bet of Israel Education is revolutionary. The way The iCenter was able to incorporate simplicity and depth is truly outstanding. The iCenter has put it as a priority to how when you think seriously about education, you set a very high bar.
- Yossi Samet