Israel @ Camp Extended Opportunities

Interested in testing out a new concept or idea? Looking for hands-on resources and materials? Hoping to foster partnerships between North American and Israeli staff? Choose your Israel education adventure: one, two, or all three! Whether you've participated in a formal program around Israel at camp, or you've been experimenting on your own, here are three opportunities for you.

Joint Training in Israel

Send a camp Israel educator to participate alongside Israeli Shlichim at JAFI’s 2019 Training Seminar. This individual will participate in pre- and post-seminar add-on days where s/he will develop relationships with new and returning camp shlichim and begin collaborative planning for summer 2019.

In order to qualify for this experience, this staff member needs to hold the portfolio of Israel education at camp. This person could be a member of the full-time leadership team of camp, or a seasonal staff member who is part of the programming and scheduling team at camp and has the job responsibility of overseeing Israel educational programming at camp. 

Cost: $750
Price includes flight and land costs


  • Must hold Israel education portfolio at camp
  • Must complete post-summer evaluation

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Personalized Consultations

Our master Israel educators are available as thought partners. You may enjoy personalized consultation hours to pursue an idea or project related to Israel at camp, such as:

  • Onboarding new key staff holding the Israel education portfolio
  • Staff week training and facilitation around Israel
  • Winter Israel educational consultations
  • Key stakeholder gatherings
  • Leadership staff retreats
  • Starting/enhancing Israel trips and their connection back to camp

Cost: Subsidized hourly rate of $75
Additional lodging and travel expenses may be required


  • Must complete post-consultation evaluation


Interactive Materials

Receive a box filled with newly designed interactive materials for enhancing your environment and programs. Our Israel @ Camp Box includes:

  • Tangible materials to support specialty areas around camp
  • Program write-ups and ideas to infuse Israel throughout

Cost: Free of Charge
Materials valued at $500. Shipping costs apply


  • Must complete summer documentation to show how you are using these materials at camp
  • Must complete post-summer evaluation



A giant box was delivered to our assistant director. A couple of staff members said to me: 'Oh my gosh you need to see this incredible resource kit.' Even before I got to it the cooking teacher had taken Golda's Kitchen and started using it. Word was out, and people were talking about how to use the resources.
- 2017 Recipient of Camp Resource Box
Nearly every part of camp—from the kitchen, to the cabins, to the sports fields, and more—can be a platform for Israel engagement and learning.
- 2017 Recipient of Camp Resource Box