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In English there is a difference between a house and a home. A house is a structure. To build a house requires technical knowledge, materials and financing. A house serves as a place to keep our belongings and protect us. But a home is different. You can live in a house that doesn't feel like home. To be a home, it needs to feel like a place you belong. A place you feel at peace. Comfortable.

In Hebrew there is only one word for both the structure and this sense of belonging: Bayit (בית).

The Commercials





  • What are the stories in these commercials?
  • What are they selling? When do we learn about the product? How does it relate to the story?
  • How do the Israeli commercials compare to the American ones?
  • How do the commercials compare in their depictions of "home"?
  • How are the commercials unique to American or Israeli culture? 
  • Why do these commercials use this theme of "home"?
  • Where do you feel at home?
  • What are other themes these commercials draw upon? Compare and contrast as they relate to American and Israeli culture.
  • What reminds you of home? Use your five senses (e.g. "the smell of Bubbie's challah baking")
  • How does nostalgia play a role in the conversation?
  1. How do the aesthetics of these commercials differ (i.e. use of music, the stories they tell, etc.)? Have the kids write their own commercial to advertise the connection between "home" "Judaism" and "Israel."
  2. Break up into groups and actually play out these commercials. What story do they tell? Who are the characters? What music do they use?