Suggested Activities

  • Moon Party Playlist: Integrate modern Hebrew music into your environment with this moon-themed playlist (also available in English)
  • SpaceIL in Video: Share the mission and history ahead of the landing with this compilation
    - SpaceIL Fun Facts is a great video to play as people are gathering
    - Launch Compilation brings you to the launch at Cape Canaveral, in Mission Control, and to various gatherings throughout the world
    - The Beresheet flight path and SpaceIL Mission (in English) offers insight into the journey
    - SpaceIL VR video (in English) (VR glasses recommended) - plus more!
  • NEW Q&A with Kfir Damari, SpaceIL co-founder: this new series of short clips answers common questions we received from people across North America
  • Who Wants to Go to the Moon? activity books
  • Moon Menu: Because every party needs food. Try this interactive experience with minimal materials and prep
  • NEW Interactive Online Games: Learn about the moon, space exploration, and Israel’s Beresheet lunar challenge mission with these short activities. 
  • Conversation with Nir Amitai: this 23-year-old is part of the team responsible for landing Beresheet. He spoke with hundreds of students and educators from across North America one week before landing.
  • Explore the Educator's Launch Kit for more!

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