70 Years in 165 Seconds

Discussion Questions

  1. What resonated with you and why?
  2. What surprised you?
  3. Was there anything you felt was missing and/or unnecessary?
  4. What are your hopes for Israel's accomplishments in the next decade?

Suggested Activities

  1. Choose an event from the video that resonated with you. Search for an image and additional information that relates to the event. Why did you choose this event? What is something you want others to know about it?  
  2. Looking at the ISRAEL21c video timeline, place the events into the following themes: politics, science and technology, arts and culture, sports and leisure, food and health. What theme(s) would you hope to see added in the coming decade? 
  3. In small groups, choose one event per decade from the ISRAEL21c video timeline. Which did you choose and why? Looking at your seven events, which stories do they tell of Israel’s history?