Create an edible version of Beresheet, SpaceIL’s spacecraft! All you need is an apple, some banana rings (or another fruit), four toothpicks, and some creativity.

Which other foods could you use?

Who can design the fruit spacecraft that looks closest to Beresheet?! Share your pics on our Facebook page!

Different models of Beresheet

Rocket Kabobs

Beresheet couldn't make it the Moon without the SpaceX rocket to carry it out of the Earth's atmosphere! This simple and healthy addition to your SpaceIL party can be done in so many creative ways. All you need are wooden skewers, some tissue paper, and a variety of fruits (don’t forget the strawberry at the top). Try using blueberries and bananas to create a blue and white Israel-colored rocket!

Photo and inspiration: Party Like A Cherry

Moon Cookies

Try baking moon-shaped cookies with this simple recipe. You may make the cookie dough from any sugar cookie recipe, or purchase pre-made rolls. Get creative and try other space-themed shapes, too!

Photo and Inspiration: Pillsbury

Crater Pizza

With all of the fruit and desserts, we need a main course! Make your own pizza dough or purchase pre-made crusts. After loading on the tomato sauce and cheese, place various toppings around the circle as craters!

You could also try this Pizza Moon recipe!

Pizza with tomatoes

Space Sandwiches

Get creative and cut sandwiches or other snacks into space-themed shapes! You could make a star, a moon, or even a comet - the sky's the limit!

star shaped sandwich

Photo and inspiration by: Katharine Stahl