Girl Dressed as "Ama"

circa 1957 – Ama was a mascot for a famous dish soap company in Israel during the early years of the State. Here are a number of their advertisements and products this girl was imitating. What costumes might be comparable to "Ama" in both America and Israel today?

From the album of the Federline family, Kiryat Bialik

Parade in Yerucham

circa 1998 – Every year many cities have a Purim parade called “Adloyadah," which features floats, fun costumes, and excitement for all ages.

From the album of Anna Mazritzky, Yerucham

Group of Kids in Costume

circa 1946 – These kids are dressed up as clowns, a king, and a ‘kalanit’ flower, a magestic flower native to the region and in 2013 was elected as Israel's national flower. 

From the album of the Hapler and Shklersky family, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Girl in a Flag Costume

circa 1925 – Paula is in her prize-winning costume from a Tel Aviv Purim party. She is wearing a dress made of different flags from around the world while also holding a sign that says, “I am a Hebrew and Hebrew is my language.” 

What is Paula saying with her costume?

From the album of Meira Henis, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Girl Dressed as Yemenite Jew

circa 1978 – This girl is dressed in traditional Yemenite clothing, symbolizing her family roots. Rosh Ha’ayin, originally a refugee absorption camp around the beginning of the State, was home to a large population of Yemenite Jewish immigrants.

From the album of Nisim and Esther Mani, Rosh Ha'ayin
  1. Sit down with a family member and talk about the images in your family album. What stories are being shared?
  2. Think of three snapshots, real or imagined, from your photo album that represent you. What are they? Tell the story.
  3. Choose a photograph, caption it, and share the story.
  4. What kind of costume tells a piece of your family story? Create. 
  5. Choose 5 Israel Resource cards and create a photo album for Israel. Share the stories and why.