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Zohar Raviv - Between Unity and Uniformity

Two people can look at the same scene, and see entirely different landscapes. This reality, according to educator Zohar Raviv, is a central challenge to Israel education. In this evocative talk, he shares the many lenses through which Israel has been, and can be, viewed, and the implications for educators today - many of whom see a very different Israel then their students. 


Shalom Orzach - Timely Issues and Timeless Values

In Israel education, how do we teach "the conflict"? Shalom Orzach posits that it's too easy to get caught up in the present when we need to be looking at the arc of Jewish thought, values, and history. It's time to attend as much to the timeless as to the timely.


Udi Krauss - Contemporary Israel: A Language of People and Sounds

Israel is a living, evolving land. Through stories and song, Udi Krauss drives home the importance of allowing students to connect to a real and ever-changing place. At the heart of this task are music, language, and – most difficult of all – letting go.


Jon Adam Ross - Midrash, Empathy, and Viagra: A Recipe for Israel Education

A student knows Hebrew, Israel's history, and has even visited the country itself; so why does a simple session of improvisation connect him or her so deeply to the Jewish homeland? Actor and educator Jon Adam knows the power of becoming his characters. Here he shares the funny, unexpected, and empowering lessons that can help each one of us develop a connection through meaningful Israel education. 


Miriam Brosseau - If You Go, I'll Go: Ahavat Yisrael

Connecting to a fellow Jew in times of trouble is necessary and important, argues Miriam Brosseau, but is it lasting? Peoplehood cannot be built on a foundation of tragedy. Rather, it's time to return to an age-old mitzvah. Perhaps the basis of Israel education should literally be ahavat yisrael – love of Israel and one's fellow Jew.