UN Partition Vote

Voices from the field

Connecting with Israel through the UN Partition Vote

“It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 1947, and Abba Eban and the Jewish Agency delegation to the United Nations were concerned. A preliminary vote showed that the Zionists did not have enough support to pass the Partition Plan.

Rodriguez Fabraget, Uruguay’s UN delegate, kindly obliged Abba Eban’s request for a filibuster that succeeded in postponing the vote until after Thanksgiving. They hoped the brief extension would be enough time to secure the requisite two-thirds majority that would approve the establishment of a Jewish State.

On November 29th, when the day of the vote came, Jews around the world listened anxiously. Within a few brief moments, 20 centuries of Jewish homelessness came to an end.”

We sat in the car, Sharett, my husband and myself, from Lake Success back to Manhattan and nobody said a word… It was overpowering…”
-Suzy Eban

The iCenter has extensive resources on this topic. 

Take a moment to once again make a connection with Israel this holiday season. While you gather with your friends, families, and communities, let your conversation flow around Israel:

  • From sharing personal stories about people to talking about your favorite places 

  • From a memory that makes you laugh to a memory that makes you cry

  • From Israel’s varied history to it’s current situation

  • From Israel’s 21st century innovations to its far-reaching impact on the world

  • From relaying your own experiences to educating the next generation

  • From hearing stories of the past to creating the stories of the future