Voices from the field

JFK's Legacy Lives on in SpaceIL

By The iCenter

"Our mission is to put Israel at the forefront of space exploration. To quote President Kennedy: 'Not because it is easy, but because it is hard.'"

                        - Yariv Bash, co-founder, SpaceIL

The iCenter is proud to be the North American partner of Team SpaceIL, the movement that will win the Google LunarX Prize and make Israel the third country to land a spacecraft on the moon.

The iCenter's role of developing and distributing resources for educators aims to connect children with the exciting story of Team SpaceIL. As a starting point, consider showing this video to a group of young people to start a conversation.

Discussion Questions:

  • In the video, Yariv says that so much has changed in the 70 years since his grandfather was forced to be a scientist for Germany. What do you think he means?
  • What inspired Yariv to create Team SpaceIL?
  • How does it make you feel to think of Israel becoming the third country—after the United States and Russia—to land a spaceship on the moon?


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