Voices from the field

SpaceIL: The Importance of Curiosity

By Kfir Damari, SpaceIL co-founder

When Kfir Damari was a kid, he reprogrammed an Apple II computer because his parents lost the disk to run it. Now the co-founder of Israel's lunar mission Team SpaceIL, Kfir talks about how curiousity has been a guiding inspiration for success, and how Team SpaceIL will impact future generations and their connections to Israel.

  • What do you think Kfir means when he says, "Curiosity, in a way, is something that is pre-built in us"?
  • What's something that you have built? How did you feel building it?
  • Why is it important to build things for the next generation? What ideas do you have to make the world better for the future?
  • How do curiosity and a mission to space relate?