Voices from the field

Team SpaceIL: Connecting past, present, and future

By Yariv Bash and Kfir Damari, SpaceIL co-founders

Yariv Bash, a co-founder of SpaceIL (the team of scientists working to land an Israeli spacecraft on the moon), discovered a unique connection between him and his grandfather—a German engineer who survived the Holocaust. Watch the inspiring story below:

  • What themes are evident in Yariv's story?
  • Have you had a chance to sit down with your grandparents or other family members to hear their stories? What are some of the stories they tell? 
  • What types of "things" are passed from one generation to the next? In what ways may they impact our identities?

Watch another story from SpaceIL co-founder Kfir Damari:

Space and space exploration are the next frontier. The space industry has produced satellite TV, water filters, UV sunglasses, and many more inventions. SpaceIL’s success will be a source of pride for Israel while introducing the world to new and innovative ways to explore outer space. In addition, the space industry has the potential to become a major growth engine for the Israeli economy.