How to Use Mixtape Part One

Educators have been using podcasts as a classroom tool for more than a decade - but as their popularity continues to grow, educators are finding new ways to bring them into the classroom.

Podcasts bring stories to life, exposing us to different narratives and opinions, enriching our knowledge and providing an opportunity for critical inquiry.

There are many ways to explore the rich content that Mixtape offers. Each episode can be discussed in one session or broken into several lessons, depending on time and audience. Learners can listen on their own or together, during class. Educators can facilitate discussions on key issues, assign individual exploration or implement  activities.

To help you plan lessons, we include:

  • Background and Summary Songs
  • Speaker / Personality Description and Bios
  • Themes
  • Discussion Questions  
  • Recommended Activities
  • Resources
  • Episode Transcript
  • Addendum: Songbook with Hebrew, English, and transliteration

We encourage you to put your own spin on lessons using these materials as a foundational source.

Episode One - The Hope

Running time: 36:36

In the first of this four-part miniseries, Mixtape, Israel Story sets out to explore Israeli society through the stories behind some of the country’s most iconic tunes.

“when it comes to Israel, everything is complicated. Politics are complicated, religion is complicated, democracy is complicated, the conflict is complicated. Even the complications are complicated... But there is (seemingly) one island within Israeli society that escapes complexity, one thing that brings us together more than it divides us: Israeli music. Or so, at least, we thought." -Mishy Harmon, Israel Story Host

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Songbook (Episode One)

Yihiye Tov (It Will Be Better)
 [Click Here for Lyrics Sheet]

Mitachat La’shamayim (Under The Sky)
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Hatikvah at Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp 
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